Volltext-Downloads (blau) und Frontdoor-Views (grau)
 Simple Search: 

Please remember: The search is preset so that both the metadata and the full texts of all datasets are searched in the case of a simple search. The advanced search function offers the possibility to search only in full texts.

 Advanced Search: 

When the Simple search and the Advanced search are used, multiple search terms are automatically linked together with and. For a targeted search, it is recommended that you use Boolean operators to link multiple search terms to each other.

AND: All the entered search words must be included in the document.

OR: Only one of the entered search terms must appear in the document. This function expands the range of the search and is good if there are different descriptions on a subject.

NOT: This function has an excluding impact and can be used in order to limit the quantity of hits. It is perfect for documents in which one search term should appear, but not the other.